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Matured sperm is stored in the the coil-esque structure that runs across the top of each testicle called the:

The average precentage of sperm contained in the finished production of semen is approx.:

There can be a massive variation in your sperm count; factors that decrease them are. Mainly ____________ and _____________ can make the biggest difference.

The average amount of semen that comes out during ejaculation tends to be about:

Despite shrinkage Sperm also like to be cold (NOT too cold)– which is why your balls are on the outside of your body and why hot baths, saunas and hot tubs can temporarily reduce your fertility (contraception is still the only way to avoid getting a gal pregnant, mind).

Every day, a healthy adult male can produce around:

Sperm are produced in the testes, where it takes approximately 4 weeks for a single soldier to reach maturity

If you want sweet-tasting sperm eating a diet rich in yellow/orange fruits – like pineapple and mango – is said to help. Add to that some leafy green veg, parsley, celery and cinnamon

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